About A Novel Idea


I'm Katie. A twenty something from the North of England with a penchant for books, beauty and coffee.

Currently, I work as a bookseller and am studying Creative Writing and English Literature at University. If you couldn't tell I like books... a lot. My entire life virtually revolves around them. If I'm not reading them, I'm selling them or attempting to write them myself!

I started A Novel Idea a few years ago but my little corner of the internet has gone through a few different incarnations. This site being the newest. Truthfully, I started this blog as an excuse for my book and make-up buying habits but its grown into so much more for me. I get to share my passion, my loves and have made some incredible friends as a result.

If you can cope with a bit of rambling, a lot of fangirling and the constant use of the word adorable then you're in for a treat!

I hope you enjoy your wander through my little corner of the internet.

Katie x


P.S The beautiful A Novel Idea icon was done by the incredibly talented Fiona Mescall. Here you can find her Instagram and Twitter.