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A Rainbow Glow

December 3, 2017

Unicorns seem to be the favourite mythical creature of the moment. It's impossible to walk through any high street store without seeing socks, shirts, mugs and all manner of product sporting the magical horned beast. Now, it seems they have made their way into the cosmetic world. This particular incarnation comes from I <3 Make-Up. A brand I have featured before on my little corner of the internet. This time we have the Unicorn Hearts Highlighter. If you have spent any time perusing the make-up side of A Novel Idea you probably will have noticed I rather like my glow. I lack cheek bones so I pretend I have them and therefore highlighter is a must. If I also look like I've stepped out of a magical universe then all the better. 

I was incredibly impressed with both the pigmentation and how smooth the powder felt. Not a single colour felt chalky nor were they overloaded with glitter. I love how this looks with each colour separated but I must admit it's a pain to apply in this way, swirled all together it's beautiful regardless. But my favourite way to use this highlighter is as an inner corner highlight. The pastel shades add a pop to any eye look and considering I'm normally a neutral girl through and through it injects colour without fear. Although we're now in the depths of winter and I'm enjoying snuggling up in my jumpers I see this being a staple for summer 2018. 

Have you tried the Unicorn Hearts Highlighter from I <3 Makeup? 

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading, 

Katie x 

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