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A Place Called Perfect by Helena Duggan

September 27, 2017

If you like Tim Burton films then you will love this book. It's the perfect blend of endearing and dark, exactly like his films. For a middle grade book this does tend to get pretty dark, theres quite a bit of fighting and often makes reference to beatings. If you're thinking of picking this up for a child its something to bare in mind.

The entire premise of the story is that Violet has been forced to move with her family to a town named Perfect. Her father is a high praised ophthalmologist that has been headhunted by the 'mayors' of Perfect. Every inhabitant of the town looses there sight within a matter of days of living there. The only way they can see is by using special rose-tinted glasses.

Violet is such an adorable character. She's feisty and doesn't fit in with the towns idea of 'perfect' as a result she's outcast, her mother begins to forget about her and her father is still missing. Throughout all of this she never looses hope and continues to fight for herself, the people of Perfect and her new best friend named Boy. 

Reading from the perspective of a twenty-something I often cringed at the dialogue. Reading from the perspective of a 9-12 year old I wouldn't have necessarily noticed anything wrong with it. It's just very peppy and a little on the nose with some things. I think I've just got too used to the subtle snark and banter of YA and Sci-fi/fantasy. 

A Place Called Perfect is a charming story with a lovely message - Perfect doesn't truly exist. It's a persons flaws that makes them unique and their own person. 


Name: A Place Called Perfect*

Author(s): Helena Duggan

Publisher: Usborne

Pages: 364

ISBN: 978-1-4749-2416-0

Rating: 4/5

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