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A Night in the Lakes

January 10, 2019

I had one of the most wonderful Christmases this year. I spent time with my family, Sam and his family, basically all my favourite people. We ate so much food, I polished off an awful lot of gin and had a proper relax. This Christmas I felt well and truly spoilt by my family,  Sam and his family, but by far one of the biggest surprises was that Sam had booked us a night away in the Lake District in this stunning pub. I had no idea about it, my family didn't and the place was absolutely stunning. But before we headed up we spent the morning in Manchester...

Our breakfast plans turned into a brunch when we had to wait a little bit to get into Moose Coffee in Manchester but it was worth the wait. And it meant I got to wander around the sales for a little bit. I'd been to Moose a little bit ago with Kimi and Fi but Sam had never been. They have a brilliant menu with every kind of breakfast food you can imagine...but of course I went for my favourite, eggs royale. At this point I think I'm eggs royale-ing my way across the North. Sam went for a Rueben Sandwich which was massive! I can't remember what was on I googled, where would we be without good ol' google?

Rueben: A fresh toasted bagel filled with salt beef brisket that has been slow cooked for three hours with a special Moose recipe topped with melted swiss cheese, sauerkraut, dill pickle and homemade mustard mayonnaise.

I had a lovely little pot of tea and he got a vanilla shake. Would highly recommend and we're definitely going to be going back.

I couldn't put into word just how beautiful the hotel/pub was but I think the photos speak for themselves. The inside was so christmasy you couldn't help but smile, the Santa hats on the taps made me giggle and my god the amount of gins this bar had. Straight away in the room I threw myself on the bed which was ridiculously comfy. Everything in this place was finished off so beautifully. There was exposed brick poking through in certain parts. The perfect blend of rustic and modern. Oh and the bathroom. My god it was pretty! I was a little concerned it wouldn't be all that warm so I took my dressing gown with me. Safe to say it wasn't needed! The room was brilliantly toasty. One thing that I hadn't even considered was if we needed to get in or go out after the pub shut...they'd thought of that too with a separate entrance for us!

I could look at that view all day.

We will be going again. Definitely.

First on the evenings agenda was a quick trip into Windemere where we ended up sat outside a bar called Brown Sugar. It was warm enough in the lakes, in December to sit outside. WHAT. Well, at least for the first half an hour then it got a bit nippy and we decided to head inside. One of my favourite drinks, aside from gin of course, is Guinness. Sitting with a pint, watching the cars go past with my favourite person was such a lovely start to our trip, and it only got better!

I don't have any photos of them but when we arrived back at the room Sam shot off to the bar for gins, I know, he's wonderful and came back with some kind of concoction and then disappeared again only to reappear with chips. But not just any chips, oh no, these were triple cooked with garlic mayo chips. Finally we watched the Christmas episode of Sabrina which was just as brilliant as the main show (which we binged whilst in Exeter). 

Triple cooked chips was then followed by one of the best meals I have ever had. Pub food like you've never experienced before with the loveliest staff. Between us we got some 'nibbles': hand raised pork pie, old english cocktail sausages with a ketchup mustard (which I was obsessed with), and breaded salt & vinegar whitebait garlic mayonnaise. All of which was absolutely delicious. I'm still dreaming about those sausages.

All day I'd had a craving for something fizzy. I blame the prosecco in Cannes. I'd never thought of putting ice in it but I'll never go back now! So Sam nipped off to pick something and of course, in his typical fashion appeared and had gone above and beyond....a bottle of the loveliest sparkling english wine. Which if I'm remembering correctly was made in Bristol! Another of our favourite places.

For main I had fish and triple cooked chips....and asked if I could have the garlic mayo rather than tarter sauce. The lovely staff obliged and giggled with me. The waiter we had was brilliant and had a Star Wars and Legend of Zelda tattoo...of course we were going to get on! Sam went for the scampi and triple cooked chips.

Still, one of the nicest meals, in the best setting.

Of course I had to get a cheeky photo of Sam in somewhere, despite the fact he doesn't like them he always obliges but for some reason I always seem to snap them when he's got a drink in his hand! I'm constantly thankful that we crossed paths when we did, at the right time and for how many memories we've made...and more to come in 2019 and beyond.

The wall we were next to was this slat-esque rock face that in every little gap was stuffed with coins. Apparently, it was a thing that if you put some change in the wall you'd have good luck. Of course we had to pop some in...though I think we're pretty lucky already!

We decided to take our dessert upstairs along with a glass of champagne....and watch Gavin and Stacey and I loved every second of it. We got a salted caramel and regular creme brûlée which were to die for. We had the most wonderful time, a much needed relax and I can't wait to head back.

The following morning featured me waking up at the crack of dawn to see Sam in my dressing gown...which has bear ears...finishing off some reports for work. I had to mention it. When you start your day with a giggle it can only ever be a good one.

For our morning in the Lakes we started off by visiting the Beatrix Potter museum which was so adorable. I was a big fan of the stories when I was younger, and still really love Peter Rabbit now, which I think is down to my mum. We then wandered around Bowness and stopped for a mid morning sweet stop at The Magic Roundabout cafe which was a recommendation from my parents. Ice cream in the morning is my new favourite thing, especially when its mint!

We then headed home, but not before a quick pit stop at the Trafford Centre where I found a beautiful dress for a wedding we're going to in April...which no doubt I'll be posting all about. It's in Scotland, I'm so excited!

That was our amazing night in the Lakes. Of course I had to get the obligatory photo outside of the hotel...much to Sam's joy. Personally, I think he just pretends he doesn't want photos...hehe. Once again I have another new favourite place to visit. I've always adored the lakes but now I have another reason too.

Thank-you Sam.


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Katie x

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