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A Gathering of Shadows by V.E Schwab

September 27, 2017

It had been a little while since I'd read A Darker Shade of Magic and I wasn't sure whether or not I should've reread it. I started A Gathering of Shadows, immediately fell straight back in love with the world and the characters. The opening was fantastic - I adore Delilah Bard and always will. Throughout the book I felt like she was the one that had the most personal growth. I'm going to keep going on about it but when I met V.E Schwab she said that each character on the UK cover arguably has the most development. I'm also starting to realise I share her enthusiasm for pointy things and that has me slightly concerned. 

I have always appreciated how V.E Schwab focuses more on the familial relationships than on romantic relationships. Regardless of whether they are positive or not. Rhy and Kell's relationship was one of my favourites in this novel. They still loved each other, that was clear as day but they fought all the time because of how they were tethered together. Though both of them were alive they were slowly killing each other. 

V.E Schwab has a way with words and its absolutely phenomenal. Her description of the stadium and the costumes had me salivating. And the plot. My god. I couldn't believe all the twists and turns. Heading back to White London, when the King revealed himself I got chills. 

It's lovely to see that the dreaded second book slump is a thing of the past. I haven't yet picked up A Conjuring of Light but when I do I guarantee that I'll love it even more. 

I'm so happy that Lila got her pirate ship. Well, that she ended up aboard one. From the start whilst on The Night Spire she didn't see herself as one of them, despite being called exactly that. Slowly, she began to warm up to the idea of sticking with a group of people. The little moments were she reprimanded herself for getting soft were so heartwarming. I particularly enjoyed how her relationship with Alucard developed - and how he saw through a lot of her guises. Noticed that her ticks weren't so much habit as they were a necessity. And of course, Alucard knew Kell and Rhy which added a wonderful complication. 

I will never not be slightly in love with both Rhy and Kell. Their dynamic has always interested and the events of the first book has definitely changed it. Being bound by one life, though it saved Rhy had them both feeling like they were living. Hence - entering the Essen Tasch. The sounds I made as Lila and Kell fought whilst in their respective disguises was not humour and frightened though near me on the train. 

When Holland appeared as the King of White London I lost any and all chill I once had. Again, people on the train were scared. I couldn't believe the turn the series took with Holland and Osaron. And I'm excited to see where the story goes. 


Name: A Gathering of Shadows

Author(s): V.E Schwab

Publisher: Titan Books

Pages: 508

ISBN: 9781783295425

Rating: 5/5

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