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A Conjuring of Light by V.E Schwab

October 16, 2017

I couldn't help but giggle reading my notes on this book. There are so many corrections and changes as I made my way through this book. It's a fantastic account of my reading experience to be honest. Every turn of the page had me changing my opinion of someone, crying or on the edge of my seat. I spent a lot of time reading this on the being on the edge of my seat wasn't exactly ideal at that point... nevertheless this was another fantastic book from V.E Schwab and one of the best conclusions to a series I've ever had the pleasure of reading. 

We finally got to learn more about Holland who, aside from Kell, has been the character that intrigued me the most over the course of this series. 

Going back to what I mentioned about Holland's back story. We get to see his journey from a man with a dream, and nothing but love for his city to the Dane twins assassin. My perception of him changed so very much. It was heartbreaking to read his flashbacks, see how he lived, constantly betrayed by those he cared for. And then to have the one person ripped from him and replaced by Athos and Astrid Dane. 

This book had my heart racing so often that I was genuinely concerned it was going to give out. Particularly, when Lila was in death's grip. I lost all the chill I once possessed and wanted to cry. Okay, maybe I did cry. I though it was really clever to have Holland be the one that saved her - it was an interesting turn in their relationship. She felt like she owed him but really didn't want to. 

Maxim and Emira. They had so much growth in this novel both together and separately. Mainly regarding Kell and the fact that they couldn't wrap their sons in bubble-wrap. THEN THEY BOTH DIED. Emira's death definitely got to me more so. Mainly because Rhy was convinced he'd managed to save her from Prince Col (Veskans.....) Maxim accepted his fate and greeted death in the only way a King could. 

My notes as I said made me giggle. I have in my notebook, 'Jasta is wonderful' and probably about half an hour later I scribbled it out and in capital letters wrote 'NO, NO SHE IS NOT. LENOS & HASTRA." Her betrayal was the reason two of the most precious characters died! No. Not happy with that. 

However. This is the best conclusion to a series I've read since Pierce Brown's Morningstar. I adored it. 


Name: A Conjuring of Light

Author(s): V.E Schwab

Publisher: Titan Books

Pages: 666

ISBN: 9781785652448

Rating: 5/5

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